Labor Day Specials | Tree to Tree Adventure Park


Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Labor Day was established as an annual holiday to honor the American Labor movement and to celebrate workers, their achievements, and all of the wonderful ways that workers contribute to the well-being of our country.

Before 1860, a typical work day could range from 10-16 hours!  Yep, that’s a long day if we’ve ever heard of one. Thus, the “eight hour day movement” was born.  The labor unions advocated that there should be 8 hours for work, 8 hours for recreation, and 8 hours to rest.

As the 8 hour work week became common, workers were happy to share the work and later recalled using their increased leisure time for family activities, sports, socializing, and general community-building. “You weren’t all wore out when you got out of work,” one Kellogg’s worker said. “You had the energy to do something else.” (More info on this here)

Let’s celebrate those 8 hours for recreation together.   We know that you work hard, and we believe that you should be rewarded for it!