What is your cancellation policy? | Tree to Tree Adventure Park

Reservations require full payment. We require a 48-hour cancellation/modification notice prior to your reservation in order to fully refund your payment. If you are unable to give the outlined notice, we will do our best to work with you but we cannot guarantee a refund. This also applies if you have gift cards, as we reserve the harnesses for you and turn away other guests when fully booked.

We are open rain or shine, but on occasion, we do need to close for high winds and lightning. When this occurs, we will notify and compensate accordingly. If in doubt, or you have questions, please call (609) 388-8289.

If you’re considering a cancellation based upon a cloudy forecast or a little rain, don’t worry!  You will still have an amazing adventure.  Tree to Tree Cape May is a great place to be when the weather isn’t “ideal”.  You should not have to miss a day of vacation or the weekend just because of the weather!  Our team love to climb in the rain and many guests prefer to visit us on a cloudy day.  They even list Tree to Tree as one of their favorite rainy day activities in Cape May.  It’s the perfect way to stay active and outside on a day that they would otherwise be indoors!  It’s also usually a bit less busy on a cloudy or rainy day, so you’ll get the rare opportunity to explore the treetops when it’s a little quieter, and you might even get to see the sun peeking through the clouds and the leaves!

NOTICE: Corporate groups should ask about the cancellation policy when reserving.