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Outdoor group building activities are an opportunity to bring together families, church groups, students and colleagues in a neutral, yet exciting environment. At Tree to Tree Adventure Park Cape May, we facilitate team building activities to help foster a lifetime of teamwork, creativity and support — three things your business, team, or organization needs to succeed.



Every group is different. That’s why our team helps your team tailor activities to match your desired goals. We design a team building program with activities that identify and improve weaknesses, while enhancing existing strengths within your team. As your team progresses through the program, they encounter challenges that encourage growth, communication, trust and teamwork. No matter your goals, our team building activities directly engage everyone in your group and produce lasting results. Our facilitators can help you plan a single event, regularly scheduled programs or annual team building activities based on your overall needs.



Stimulate outside-the-box thinking and bring together competing departments with activities that require everyone to work together with one common goal. While team members build their own physical and mental skills, all our programs reinforce basic teamwork concepts and incorporate numerous goals, such as:

  • Increasing trust
  • Improving communication
  • Promoting collaborative thinking
  • Boosting decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Refining team dynamics
  • Strengthening leaderships skills
  • Building stronger bonds
  • Creating a better understanding of shared responsibility
  • Generating mutual respect

As your team navigates through each obstacle, they learn the importance of working together for better results. Our team building programs infuse a sense of unity in any group, large or small, but we also focus on having fun. We recommend combining facilitated team building activities with our aerial course for an outdoor adventure that’s both educational and entertaining.



Team building experiences at Tree to Tree Adventure Park give everyone a chance to shine as they begin to recognize their colleagues’ own strengths, competencies and capacities to perform under pressure. A day on the ropes could be exactly what your group needs to unite as a team. Use our online team-building inquiry form to book your event or call us at (609) 388-8289 to reserve a time slot for your team today.

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