How To Measure Your Reach Requirement | Tree to Tree Adventure Park

Before you book find out the right adventure for everyone in your group.

We get this question a lot. Our courses, while progressively challenging, require climbers to meet minimum age and reach requirements. To avoid disappointment, please take a moment to review. Measure each participant’s reach. To find your “Reach”:  With your feet flat and arms raised above your head, measure from the ground to the tips of your fingers. This is your reach. 

Participants ages 7 and up with a reach between 4′ 7″ and  5′ 8″ should book Kids’ Course
Participants ages 9 and up who meet a reach requirement of 5′ 9″ should book either the Zipline Only Course or Adventure Course and Zipline Combo.

New for 2023. Parents may purchase a ticket and climb with their child on our kids course!