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OFFsite & ONSITE team building

Our expert facilitators come to your location or another venue

Our certified facilitators offer team building programs at one of our partnering camp facilities or the offsite location of your choice. All you need is a large, spacious area and the desire to build a better, stronger team. We can set up anywhere in Oregon and we’ll give your team building goals the same attention offsite as we would at our facility. All our programs reinforce basic teamwork concepts and incorporate any number of goals.

Team Building Skills

  • Improving trust
  • Refining team dynamics
  • Increasing effective communication
  • Discovering individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengthening each individual’s sense of identify
  • Reinforcing that working together produces better results
  • Boosting decision making and problem solving skills
  • Strengthening leadership skills
  • Cultivating continual improvement
  • Promoting collaborative critical thinking
  • Generating energy and fun

onsite team building

Let Tree To Tree Adventure Park, Oregon host your team building or corporate event.

We also schedule team building programs with team-oriented activities on our aerial adventure course and/or zip lines at Tree to Tree Adventure Park a short-distance from Portland, Oregon. Contact us to reserve a time slot for your team today.


If you’re interested in scheduling fun team building activities offsite, call Julie at (503) 816.4890 or email us for more details.

Alternately, get started now by providing more information about your objectives through our Team Building Inquiry Form. Our Team Building concierge will follow up to discuss your needs