Memorial Day | Tree to Tree Adventure Park

Yep, Memorial Day means it’s the Summer!  Time to break out the sunscreen and the grill.  Memorial Day also means so much more than that.  It was first celebrated in 1868 as “Decoration Day,” a day to remember the approximately 620,000 who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Civil War.

In 1971, Memorial day was officially made the National Holiday that we know it as today: a day to commemorate all the American Soldiers who have died for our country.   Here at Tree to Tree, we can’t thank those who have fought for our country enough.

We believe that the words of James Garfield at his 1868 Decoration Day Speech said it best.  “I am oppressed with a sense of the impropriety of uttering words on this occasion. If silence is ever golden, it must be here beside the graves of fifteen thousand men, whose lives were more significant than speech, and whose death was a poem, the music of which can never be sung…For love of country they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue.”

Join us in the trees this weekend to celebrate your freedom.  Wear your Red, White, and Blue to your Memorial Day Weekend reservation, and get 50% OFF your next visit before July 1. Some restrictions apply. Reservations do fill up quickly, so be sure to call today to make yours! 609-388-8289.