Team Building at T2T | Tree to Tree Adventure Park

Team building at Tree to Tree

Usually when you hear the dreaded “team building” event is right around the corner, your eyes glaze over…  maybe they even do an inadvertent roll.  You may realize that you’re already looking for the perfect excuse to get out of it.

Well, we’re here to tell you that skipping out on team building at T2T would be a huge mistake.  Team building at Tree To Tree is a magical experience that you’ve never had before.  Here’s exactly why we’re different:

  1.  We’re not here to give you the same ol’ generic team building program that you’ve been to thousands of times before.  You’ve done it, we’ve done it, it’s not fun.  It’s not unique.  You’re not learning something new about yourselves or about your teammates.
  2. We’re also not here to give you the same ol’ generic team building program that we’ve given before…to anyone.   You have decided to take your team building outside the box and we promise the same to you.  When you sign up for a team building event with us, you’ll fill out an assessment to tell us about your team, the relationships within it, and your goals for the day.  We’ll take this information and develop a customized program specifically to fit your team and to meet those goals.
  3. We have low elements where your team can really work together to achieve a goal.  These elements are closer to the ground and do not require participants to be in a harness like our aerial obstacle course does.    This way, your team can learn new skills and more about each other while expanding their comfort zones – together!
  4. We have the aerial obstacle course, too! Many team building groups spend the morning on our low elements and explore the aerial obstacle course after lunch! It makes for a great full day experience!

Call 609-388-8289 for more information, or complete the needs assessment!

Check out this video from our Oregon Park for the inside scoop on what team building with us is really like!