Virtual Team Building | Tree to Tree Adventure Park

Introducing Virtual Team Building


We’ve developed a brand new type of digital team building for you!  Maybe you and your team have been doing virtual meetings for months now.  We’re here to help you learn more about each other, your communication styles, and enhance your team’s interpersonal bonding, problem-solving, communication, and strategic planning. 
This is team building that won’t make your eyes glaze over.  We’ll help you to get communication rolling, and to help you to adapt to this new, remote style of working together.
Whether your team is used to working remotely or this was a new transition, we’re here to help.   Before your event, we’ll tailor a questionnaire for your team members to complete.  A little work before your event will go a long way!    We’ll include some questions that your team probably isn’t thinking about on a regular basis: like their preferred communication styles, how they support others, and what they like best about themselves and their coworkers.
You’ll work with our team building facilitators to help us understand your group’s needs, and we’ll develop a customized program to help you reach your goals.  Our affordable pricing will make team building a possibility for you – and even allow you to join us for multiple sessions if you desire!
To Learn More: Complete our “Team Building Inquiry Form,” and Julie will be in touch to help you with any questions and to pick the program that works best for you!
Here’s some more details from Jason, our team building facilitator extraordinaire!