Ways to get outside during the Winter | Tree to Tree Adventure Park

We don’t need to convince you that the outdoors are great.  There’s this special sensation that you get when you step out the front door, feel the fresh air filling your lungs, and welcome the rays of sunshine that fall on your face. But maybe you do need some convincing to get out there in the colder months.  We get it — it’s cold out there.  You can’t head to the beach, but that’s okay.  We’ve got some ideas of fun outdoor activities for you until our 2018 season opening on March 24!

1. Snow Angels aren’t just for kids. Neither are snow men, snowball fights, sledding, or ice skating.  Get on out there and have some fun!
2. Go get your camera!  It doesn’t matter if it’s your phone camera or something a little more serious.  The beauty of fresh snow is unparalleled and it’s up to you to capture it!
3. Maple. Syrup. Snow. Candy.  Okay, this one doesn’t mean you’ll be outside for long, but it’s worth it. All you need is some snow, maple syrup,  and a pot.  Boil the syrup on the stove top, pour it over the snow, and in no time you have a perfectly delicious treat.
4. Have you been snowshoeing or cross country skiing?  Give it a shot!
5. Craving to add some color to the white wonderland?  Make Colorful icicles.
6. Take a winter picnic!  Make sure you’ve got a nice heavy blanket, soup, and hot chocolate!
7.  Play a game!  Who says horseshoes, Frisbee, or bocce ball are just for the warmer months?
8. Stargazing!  Just bring toasty beverages to keep you warm, and check out the constellations.  You’ll see a different night sky than you do in the summer.
9. A winter hike is always a good idea!
10.  Go Geocaching!