Meet the Staff – Jillian | Tree to Tree Adventure Park

Meet Jillian, Tree to Tree Cape May’s Aerial and Team Building Course Manager and our Head Rescue Guide.  Jillian joined the T2T staff in February of 2016.

What are 3 words you’d use to describe T2T? Adventurous, Thrilling, Team


What’s your favorite thing about working at T2T?  The Staff! We are by far the best group of adventurers, climbers, comedians, and teammates that you could ask for.  They are supportive of each other and rise up to the challenges we face everyday! T2T has the best of the best in their guides!  I am very proud that I have the guides I do by my side. I hope they know that everyday I walk onto our course, I will always give them the best I can. I am very proud daily to work with the staff that I do.


What does adventure mean to you?  I just read a quote “if you planned every step of it, it wouldn’t of been an adventure.” What that means to me is: Go into something head on, without planning every step, be in the moment, enjoy every breath, and live every step of it all!


What’s your proudest moment at T2T? I once had a rescue of a little girl who had fainted during her climb. I got to her quickly and I had her in my arms talking before any danger came to her. By the time she was safely on the ground with her parents she was smiling, I knew that I was right where I wanted to be. She is a little girl I will never forget.


What do you like to do in your time off or during the off-season?  I have 2 kids so they keep me busy! I also am a Physical Education and Health Teacher so I enjoy subbing from time to time. I also love to read, so curling up with a cup of hot tea and a great book is the best.


People would be surprised if they knew: That the obstacles can still get to me. And that as much as I love adventure, there are times that it scares me and I have to push through it. I feel the adrenaline as often as my climbers…but it empowers me and makes me feel alive!


Do you have any hidden talents?  Well, I have ridden rodeo. I used to participate in a private Team Penning ring. It was so much fun! I love being on horseback. I also sing for fun and used to play the soprano and Melophone in the Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps.


If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Teleportation, I hate to travel!  I just want to be there!  Want to go see family? Want to go to Italy for dinner?  Snap!  Yep, I would use it often!


If you could travel back in time, which time frame would you visit and why?  I’d go back to the time when Rome, Italy was flourishing!  It would be so incredible to see the Colosseum in all its glory and to just be there in such a beautiful city.


Okay, we’re right next to the zoo. I HAVE to ask. If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why? A tiger! I love them…I wish I could just hang out with one! They are so powerful and graceful. They are terrifying yet thrilling. Their eyes are both intriguing and smart.